The café of the Continental Hotel was reborn with Italian design parquet: Foglie D’Oro in a historical setting

“The concept of the Continental Hotel Galéria cafe is based on the reinterpretation of the architectural heritage’s form. We set out to create a space that not only emphasizes, but also engages in dialogue with the eclectic architectural composition of Ágoston Emil. For this, we needed a manufacturer that stands out among the international manufacturer palette with the use of the finest wood material and the centuries-old expertise of experienced carpenters. When we looked at the samples of Foglie d’Oro, it immediately became clear to us that this is the standard expected in an iconic building of a European city,” interior designer Hadnagy Studio told us about the work.

Why was Foglie D’Oro Ombre parquet a perfect choice for the Hadnagy Studio project? We asked Estorio’s colleagues about the project.

“Hungary has a centuries-old tradition of wooden parquet, and the chosen Ombre pattern is actually a reimagined herringbone pattern, which brings enough modernity to the space without disrupting the historical milieu of the place. This parquet is made of American walnut wood, which is more expressive than the usual oak, and therefore in the Estorio showroom, we chose a surface treatment with our designer partner that is very close to the original color of the wood, so we also gave the space a more natural look in line with today’s trends. We are proud that Hadnagy Studio realized a space that elegantly integrates the architectural heritage with the product of one of Estorio’s key partners, the Italian Foglie D’Oro.” (Estorio)