Budapest kitchen among the most beautiful kitchens in the world

One of the world’s leading kitchen technology giants, the Italian Valcucine, has chosen a kitchen in Budapest as one of the best projects last year. The Estorio showroom, located near Andrássy Avenue, next to the Opera House, is a converted old bourgeois apartment designed by interior designer Eszter Radnóczy. The showroom’s design kitchen, which can be opened and closed without touching anything, plays with unique colors and reflections, and has impressed the Italian manufacturer. Their newly published anthology features the best of international interior design from Brazil, through India to Italy – including Estorio in Budapest. 

With “Domus Anthology”, we wanted to compile a selection of instances of this design philosophy applied to exceptional projects. A collection of realizations in which architects and interior designers have best interpreted the values, characteristics, and design flexibility of Valcucine, while simultaneously meeting the client’s needs in harmony with the “spirit of the place”, which encompasses the sociocultural, architectural, and habits peculiarities that characterize a home, an environment, a city.

In the newly launched brochure, Estorio is described as “a stunning residential apartment in Budapest, overlooking the Opera House, the elegant environment reflects the intimate and sophisticated atmosphere of the theatre: soft lights, fresh colors, elegant lines, metals and mirrors, everything top quality and without compromise. Thanks to several architectural tricks, the different glimpses of one of the most beautiful works of Hungarian architecture reflect on the furniture and on the showroom anytime of the day.

At the centre of the stage, we see Logica Celata, the newest member of the Logica family and the end product of brilliant research into making over space and reinventing ergonomics. The kitchen is equipped with the smart patented V-Motion system that activates various functions with the simple gesture of a hand. Without touching anything, the door swings upwards revealing the whole working area: everything is ready to be used in the most efficient and practical way possible. In the end, the door closes, flush with base units, hiding everything visible and bringing it all back to order in a second.” describes Valcucine Domus Anthology about the Budapest property.

The recently opened Estorio showroom reflects the beauty of the Opera House with its generous elegance and sophisticated details, and it is also a good example of how great potential lies in the bourgeois apartments located in the center of Pest. From this year Valcucine kitchens will be available exclusively at Estorio, along with products from more than 30 international design brands – mostly Italian, Dutch and German – in a furnished, real design apartment.

Valcucine is one of the world’s largest kitchen technology brands and for them it is crucial to bring the latest technological innovations into the kitchen, alongside impressive design. This brand has been the first on the market to create truly spectacular solutions to solve the problem of “closed systems” and provide architects and interior designers with the opportunity to work across different kitchen collections, with great freedom and intelligently satisfy the diverse needs of clients with creativity and respect.

Thanks to a comprehensive design system it is possible to combine different collections and aesthetics within the same project, different materials, opening and closing systems, minimal or bulky thicknesses, distinct ergonomic solutions and special elements.

The kitchen, which can be closed and opened with a single movement is one of the most exciting products on the market today. Valcucine also offers large kitchens with depths of up to 80-100 cm, providing comfortable, huge working areas. The kitchens are made of natural materials without glue, so they are durable and recyclable. The large countertop of the Budapest kitchen reflects the colors in the space, changing according to the time of day and the weather, like fascinating and ever changing objects.

The anthology is available online on Valcucine’s website and will soon be distributed in print around the world.