“Last year all our dreams came true and now it’s time for the next step” – an interview with Eszter Radnóczy at Estorio

Estorio opened nine months ago, when you look back on the days after the opening what feelings, colors and images come to your mind?

I’m always very happy when a plan or project comes to an end, especially when it turns out just as we imagined. Estorio is different in the sense that here, we were the clients ourselves, there was no feedback from somebody else, we were only consulting with our team throughout the whole project. We brainstormed a lot of ideas and thoughts, and then when we had to make a clear and straightforward decision and finalize it, that’s what really drove us forward.

The concept itself has worked very well: Estroio, home of designer brands, is a high-quality apartment created according to the style of Estorio, it is the product itself, with excellent interior design, perfect execution and technology, not to mention the products and accessories of designer brands.

And of course, the opening was exciting, we looked forward to welcoming our partners, colleagues, customers and many new visitors. We are constantly being inspired by positive feedback.

Estorio is not only a showroom, but also a meeting place. Tell us about an important meeting that you’ve had in 2022

I’d like to highlight several meetings. Estorio is a perfect, relaxed, elegant and peaceful venue for face-to-face meetings, and the home-like nature of the apartment often creates a friendlier atmosphere for business meetings.I felt honored that many well-respected fellow colleagues visited Estorio and were curious to see what we had created. These encounters sparked professional conversations and connections that could not have been that deep over a glass of champagne during a professional event. Secondly, we have caught the attention of the real estate market and have been able to discuss and brainstorm with international companies and clients about the turnkey concept of Estorio, which they see as having great potential.

Christmas and the end of the year is also a time for reflection and reckoning. How do you see which of your initial ideas have come to life, and is there anything that has turned out even better than you had imagined?

I think that the dynamics and operation of Estorio are just as we planned. We are networking and building relationships. Our professional events allow us, together with este’r partners, to share with our partners the market knowledge we have accumulated over almost two decades as well as the new trends in interior design that we are constantly seeking and applying. We are thrilled that Estorio’s turnkey concept, as a product, a high quality and technologically advanced living space, is attracting more interest in Hungary and internationally than we could have imagined. Market demand has proven our vision right.

If you could ask for one thing that would be definitely guaranteed in 2023 for Estorio, what would it be?

In 2022, all our dreams came true. In 2023, we plan to open another Estorio, we’re very happy to announce we’ve already started discussing it with some of our partners and customers.