MEET OUR BRANDS: Dutch Walltextile Company

One of the most exciting brands in the contemporary Dutch textile industry is Estorio’s partner, the Dutch Walltextile Company (DWC) from Amsterdam. The focus of the brand is on people and their joy of life, the evoked atmosphere is achieved with real, precious materials – it’s authentic, natural and captivating. But what does boogie-woogie and breezy Dutch beaches have to do with the brand? In our interview, Gábor Papp, Estorio’s commercial manager, tells us all about it.

The DWC brand’s philosophy is based on Dutch traditions but with a modern approach to textiles. Can you tell us more about it?

Born from the idea of the second generation owner of a large textile factory, the DWC brand combines lightness and professionalism, launching every year a new walltextile collection for those who love sophisticated interior design. For such a relatively young brand, it is a great help to have a parent company with a strong technical base, in case of DWC, it is a textile factory founded by the first generation of Dutch owners. The parent company is one of the strongest on the European market in certain fields, such as textile lampshades.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of DWC textiles are the classic textile-covered walls in castles, yet their products also work beautifully in modern interiors. Why is that?

Textile wallpapers have a truly great history and the technology is being brought to life in the hands of creative designers. Their designers draw inspiration from many areas, with a focus on people and the joy of life. The evoked atmospheres are achieved with real, precious materials, making them authentic, natural and captivating.

The brand’s goal is to combine the constancy of beauty and the state of the moment (light conditions, perception, material change). What does this offer interior designers and how does it work in design?

Combining different natural materials with a unique weaving technique results in three-dimensional surfaces that, along with conscious lighting design, provide interior designers with a new tool. The surfaces come to life, radiating warmth, exclusivity and coziness – for example, the combination of velvet and bronze fabric creates a very luxurious finish.

The silk wallpaper has the raw beauty of nature. How can this be seen in the finished products?

Silk fabric is perhaps the most vibrant, highly valuable raw material. Although the weave is regular, the naturalness and the nature of the weaving make the overall appearance slightly uneven. This is why, silk wallpaper has a calming effect on us, artificial materials can’t really offer that. 

DWC has collections with a clear message and character. Do you have a personal favorite?

I have to admit that I absolutely fell in love with the City Life collection, which can be used in very reduced architectural settings. The delicacy of the materials and the finely structured, almost regular patterns create a unique effect with a slight Art Deco touch. My favorite from this series is the ‘Boogie-woogie’ wallpaper woven from a combination of velvet and metallic thread.

You chose to present Dune’s breezy, sandy beach wallpaper in Estorio. Why?

The beauty of the dune pattern captures the atmosphere that Estorio represents. Who wouldn’t love to walk on the beach in soft, warm sand in a fresh breeze? The slight contrast between the pastel velvet and the dark gold background sets the atmosphere of a cozy evening.