Meet our brands: Black Tie

Comfort, functionality, and aesthetics – these three important factors are in a lovely balance when it comes to the unique products of the Italian design brand, Black Tie. In the latest episode of the Meet our partners series, we talked to interior designer Eszter Radnóczy, the Hungarian representative of the Black Tie brand.

Timeless elegance and captivating beauty – that’s how the Black Tie brand, founded by Pierluigi Frighetto, can be described. When did you first meet them and what caught your attention about the products?

Many years ago in Milan, I was invited to the first Black Tie event in a private showroom at the Fuori Salone, that’s where I met the founders. I was very impressed by the really high comfort and strikingly elegant appearance of the products – these two factors are combined with a unique design and styling. What I really like about their work is that there is nothing, literally nothing, about a product that would give the feeling that it was designed for its own sake, prioritizing appearance over function and comfort. Their product range combines the three important factors in a balanced proportion, this is particularly valuable about Black Tie.

The brand blends Italian tradition and knowledge while maintaining a high quality in the fields of design, upholstery and aesthetics. How is it present in their products?

The beauty in the details and all the artisan work behind it is what makes Black Tie a unique brand. This is not only because of the high-end materials they use, but also thanks to the tapping technology and the sophisticated use and shaping of metal, wood, fabric and stone.

Is the composition of the sofas, the layering of the cushions and mattresses also important?

Absolutely, the comfort also lies in the importance of layering in case of Black Tie seating and sofas. This is what gives comfort and longevity, as well as the elegance that comes with using them, such as keeping the aesthetic condition of mattresses and cushions even when you get up from the sofa. Designers reach this by combining today’s mattress technology with tradition, combining layers of different hardnesses appropriately and using natural feathers.

What kind of interiors do you imagine these pieces being used in?

Black Tie’s furniture is essentially modern-classical in design. For minimalist spaces, I can imagine a single unique piece, while for more decorative, elegant interiors, the full range can be easily integrated.


Can you name some Black Tie products which have a special meaning to you?

The Kalida chair is one of my favorites, it is delicate yet very comfortable and its elegantly flowing lines are like a rose petal. One of their wonderful oval dining tables, Opera, has very exciting details: the inlaid wood surface, the marble and the copper threads are combined on the surface of the furniture. The Martin sofa‘s straight, clean lines and its long, elegant surface give a French impression, it becomes even more highlighted with the use of light upholstery and dark leather.

Black Tie products are 100% made in Italy, in the province of Vicenza, with the highest quality control and care. Why is this important?

At este’r partners, we always partner closely with companies that follow this principle. For us, European values, traditions and artisan experience from the past are important. These can be traced back not only to professional skills, but also to aesthetic sensibility and European, in this case more specifically Italian, culture.

Finally, if you had to describe the brand in just a few words, what would they be?

I would highlight the triad of elegance, extreme comfort and timeless design as the most important ones.