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Intertwines artistry and design. Its intricate patterns create a visual symphony on your walls, adding depth and character to any room. Thin coupled strips, with the two short sides rounded and replicated in a perpendicular way, create the pattern, which can be realized either in a single type of natural stone or in two colours.Weave is available in seven different marbles from the catalogue and in the 60×60 cm size, with a thickness of 2 cm.


The organic detail of the botanical world finds life in the stone, engraved through clean and stylized marks that frame the surface of the slab, proposed with four different textures that can be freely combined to create unique compositions. Folium can be realized in one of the six types of marble available in the catalogue and has a size of 60×60 cm, with a thickness of 2 cm.


Immerse yourself in tranquility with ZEN, available in 6 captivating colors. This wall covering embodies serenity and modernity, offering a seamless blend of calm hues to elevate your space to new heights of sophistication. The lightness of sand dunes or sea waves inspire its texture, which enhances its veins in the play of different depths.


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