The Italian company Foglie D’Oro, operating in the province of Vicenza, specializes in the production of wooden floors. The company was founded by Sante Giorgio Brotto, and the history of Foglie D’Oro parquet dating back more than 50 years is renewed today with passionate commitment and full respect for nature. Today, Sante’s children run the family business, combining pragmatism with creativity, knowledge of materials and design research, as well as refined craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit.

Foglie D’Oro parquet is available in the Estorio showroom in Hungary. As part of the design concept implemented in Estorio’s downtown showroom, one of the impressive solutions of the parquet collection can be viewed, expert colleagues at Estorio help to introduce the parquet product range. If you have any questions about the product, contact us!

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The new Colorsense color program, as a result of the synergy between Arte Brotto and Foglie d’Oro, is created to enhance the beauty of Walnut wood and to design unique and stunning made-to-measure interiors, by using color codes inspired by nature, matching the latest trends in interior design and fashion.

continental hotel

The café of the Continental Hotel was reborn with Italian design parquet: Foglie D’Oro in a historical setting