“Let the beauty of what you love be what you make”: this vision is an integral part of the Granchi family DNA. For over 100 years an artistic DNA has been flowing in this family where the passion for creation, the unpredictability of the idea, the love for beauty are the fundamental concepts that give life to the creations.

It all began in the 60s with a very small company. Paolo and Gianna, husband and wife, founded SIGMA L2, which, with care and craftsmanship, produces lights, vases, objects and furnishings in ceramics whose products began to establish themselves not only in the Italian market but also abroad where they became ambassadors of that Made in Italy that has contributed so much to the growth of the country.

Today Simone and Francesca Granchi are the second generation, they introduce innovative processes and experiment with new combinations bringing the company to express itself on custom designs.